Save Water and Win BIG With The U.S. Green Building Council’s Water Conservation Challenge!

%image_alt%As we endure another summer of the California Drought, at De Young Properties we are proud of the steps we have taken to do our part in reducing water consumption and making our homes more water efficient.

With water-conserving features that are standard in every De Young home like the Energy Star qualified GE dishwasher, performance-engineered Kohler faucets and showerheads and more, our team and homebuyers together are helping to make a difference.

As part of our water conservation efforts, we use drought tolerant plants as well as drip irrigation in all of our flowerbeds, which can save up to 75% in water consumption versus typical sprinklers.

We also include Bermuda grass, which can save up to 50% in water consumption versus typical Fescue lawn, and offer the purchase of synthetic lawn as an option. We give our homeowners the tools they need to reduce both their impact on the water crisis and on the environment as a whole. Also, De Young homes are GreenPoint Rated, meaning they “exceed state energy code requirements and excel in environmental performance.”

Many California residents and businesses are doing their part to reduce water consumption and encourage others to do the same.

This summer, the U.S. Green Building Council is challenging Central Valley residents to participate in the Summer 2015 Water Conservation Challenge!

All residential metered water customers that have reduced water usage by at least 25% this year from last year are encouraged to send in their water bills to the USGBC at by August 31, 2015. Some of the prizes for most decreased water use include a Toro Irrigation Smart Controller, low flow toilets and other water efficient fixtures! Think you’ve reduced your water usage this year? Check your statements and enter this awesome contest!

With record low rainfall and water levels this past year, it’s more important than it has ever been to live water-consciously. Governor Brown issued an executive order to all of California’s cities and towns to reduce water consumption and increase enforcement against water waste effective May 1, 2015. Due to the drought the State has implemented mandatory water use reductions for the first time in California’s history, saying the state’s four year drought had reached near crisis proportions.

Here is your official Fresno County Outdoor Watering Schedule:

  • EVEN numbered addresses are allowed to use water outdoors on Sundays, Wednesdays & Fridays.
  • ODD numbered addresses are allowed to use water outdoors on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.

*No watering will be allowed between 9am and 6pm.*

Keeping Your Yard Healthy Without Wasting Water

If your front yard or back yard is landscaped, especially if with grass, a large portion of your water use is probably going towards that.

Here are some tips from the County of Fresno to make your current yard more drought tolerant:

  • Convert flower beds to drip directly to each plant
  • Add bark to all flower beds to help hold the moisture in soil
  • Convert Fescue grass to a drought tolerant grass such as Bermuda, Buffalo Grass or a low growing groundcover
  • Consider planting less water-dependent plants – for a list of some drought tolerant plant options, visit:
  • Irrigate in several short intervals to allow the ground to absorb water to avoid run off. This will also help push the water deeper in the soil.
  • Check your sprinkler system for leaks and overspray
  • OR replace your grass with synthetic turf
  • Call a professional to treat your grass with a moisture managing chemical that will help the soil retain water and reduce your landscape irrigation needs up to 30%!

Other Ways To Help Conserve Water:

  • Wash only full loads of clothes
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean the driveway
  • Shorten your showers – the easiest way to save gallons of water daily
  • Be conscious of how often you run your dish washer, make sure it’s totally full before running
  • For more ways to save water, visit: Save Our Water at

California is in a serious crisis and needs everyone to do their part to restore the health of our great state. Together we can make a difference in our environment and make an impact in our own communities.

We know you’ve heard it a hundred times but it’s true, EVERY DROP COUNTS. How will you make an impact?

Author: Brandon De Young, De Young Properties