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Smart Home <span class="d-block text-sm">Introducing the</span> De Young Smarthome

Introducing the De Young Smarthome

Better For You & Better For The Environment

The De Young SmartHome is all about control, convenience, peace of mind, increased comfort and overall efficiency. It’s the extra step we take to ensure our homeowners are living in a state-of-the-art home with greater financial control, more security and overall improved quality of life.

The De Young SmartHome includes four key components: EnergySmart™, ControlSmart, Thrive Smart and Green Smart. The building science and technology that is included in this home sets our homes apart from others. You can rest assured that we set the standard of living smart.

Control Smart

Control Smart

Home Automation technology to live smarter and more efficently

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Energy Smart

Energy Smart

Innovative Energy Efficent Features to save you green

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Green Smart

Green Smart

Good for the environment, good for your family

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Thrive Smart

Thrive Smart

Intelligent design and technology for better living

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Zero Energy Homes

With the introduction of De Young ControlSmart, things are about to become a lot smarter.

Smart Living

The De Young Properties team believes in the connectivity of the internet to our homes, offices, and everything in between to make our lives more convenient, secure, and efficient, and De Young Properties is at the front of this charge.

Your Life in A De Young ControlSmart Home

Sure the technology is cool, but this isn’t just about the bells and whistles – this is about more efficiency and more security. This is about technology improving your quality of life from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. With each new De Young home purchase, you will receive the Nest Hello Video Doorbell and the Nest X Yale Wi-Fi Door Lock!

What’s included in Your De Young ControlSmart Home:

New Home with Nest Doorbell

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Convenience of a doorbell, but with 24/7 live video streaming, HDR imaging, live notifications, and night vision.*

New Home with Nest X Wifi Door Lock

Nest X Yale Wi-Fi Door Lock

Key-free deadbolt for security, with remote control and live notifications.*

*Home Wi-Fi and low monthly fees may be required for certain functionality.

Connectivity Features

Connected home and family inspired Wi-Fi planning, professionally designed per plan.
CAT6, the ideal cabling for reliable and super-fast residential networking.
Supporting Wi-Fi additions and further expansion.

Built-in Wi-Fi for smartphone control via app.

Standard in each plan to ensure a network ready solution.
Networking infrastructure that is built to handle the fastest internet speeds.
RG6 cabling in two locations.
CAT5e cabling in one location.
Communications, networking and media distribution.
Complimentary in-home, one-hour introductory tech support visit for setup and user education of technology.


Energy Smart

Why choose a De Young EnergySmart home?

De Young EnergySmart features come standard in every De Young home and are designed to deliver exceptional energy-efficiency, which will save you money on your energy bill, while also creating a home that’s healthier to live in and healthier for the environment. These energy-efficient homes include a host of earth-friendly features and apply green building practices. These practices include high energy-efficiency standards, improved indoor air quality, water conservation and utilizing sustainable building practices.

De Young Lowest EDR Score - 23!

The Energy Design Rating (EDR) is a scoring system set by the California Energy Commission to measure a home’s energy efficiency. Homes with lower scores are more energy-efficient, while those with higher scores are less energy-efficient.

De Young SmartHome floorplans with efficiency and solar included—are up to 77% more energy efficient than a typical existing home, and up to 29% more efficient than a home built to the previous 2016 California Energy Code.

Visit a De Young Welcome Center today to learn more!

Energy Efficient New Homes

Every De Young EnergySmart Home features:

Energy Star® qualified General Electric dishwasher uses less energy without sacrificing performance for savings and less environmental impact.
Highly-efficient ratings of 16 SEER & 13 EER & 95% AFUE for savings and increased comfort.
Thermostat with varying zones for added comfort and savings, while improving ease of use.
Anlin Monte Verde certified Argon gas filled windows with double strength glass for durability and better sound control, high performance Low-E glass to reflect heat and block 94% of damaging UV energy and other contributors to fading, as well as non-corroding vinyl frames.
Solar system to generate clean, renewable, and affordable energy for the home. Multiple financing options available.
High efficacy and high quality lighting for energy savings.
Whisper-quiet operations with up to 350% efficiency by extracting free heat energy from surrounding air in temperatures as low as 37°.
Advanced air-sealed home envelope with tightly sealed and highly insulated R-8 ducts to reduce drafts for better comfort and increase energy efficiency.
Eagle Roofing Products reflect sunlight and heat away from the home.
2x6 lumber walls for thicker and more strategically designed exterior walls allowing for increased insulation.
Superior, formaldehyde-free, insulation system with R-49 blown-in attic insulation and R-25 exterior walls.
Insulated hot water pipes for increased efficiency and comfort.
Independent inspections at random for verification that homes are healthy, durable, comfortable and meet strict energy efficiency compliance.

Green Smart

Living sustainably should mean living in a home that is as comfortable as it is environmentally friendly. We use a third-party rating system that verifies a home meets proven green standards.

Green Building Professional and Building Performance Institute certifications.

Drip irrigation to save up to 75% in water consumption for flowerbed irrigation versus typical sprinklers.

Helps reduce air pollution and water consumption.

Kohler WaterSense certified plumbing fixtures for a high performance yet water-efficient experience.

Up to 90% of construction waste is recycled. 

Durable, non-combustible concrete tile roofing, siding, and other exterior materials. 

Built-in kitchen waste and recycling center for convenience.

Engineer-oriented strand board (OSB) and I-joist wood products to reduce waste and provide greater structural integrity.

Subterranean termite pre-treatment under foundation for resource conservation.

Thrive Smart Features

Intelligent design and technology for better living

High performance ERV for filtered clean, fresh air and expelling odors and contaminants from your home to promote better indoor air quality and comfort while using significantly less energy.
Corrosion resistant, non-toxic and lead-free plumbing water system that can withstand harsh weather conditions and a NSF International certification for water purity.
Energy Star® qualified bathroom exhaust fans to reduce moisture for better air quality with quieter operation to improve overall comfort.
Protected air ducts to prevent contamination for improved indoor air quality and comfort.
HVAC uses an ozone-responsible Puron refrigerant that meets strict EPA guidelines.
Merv 8 HVAC filter for cleaner air quality.
Superior, formaldehyde-free insulation for better indoor air quality and health.
Kitchen hood vented to the outside for increased ventilation.
Low VOC paint for better indoor air quality.
Fire sprinklers, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms to help protect your family.
Neighborhoods thoughtfully designed with nearby access to parks and trails to promote an active, healthy lifestyle.