6 Redecorating Tips To Consider For A Kid-Friendly Home

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As the kids are heading back to school, you can now sit back and reflect of all of the fun you had at home this past summer. Your days were full of laughter, activities, maybe a spill or two on the couch but worth every memory.  Now that your house will go back to having quiet days, you might consider doing a few home decorating updates – while still being kid-friendly.

1. Double Duty

While you are furniture shopping, look for pieces that can be used in more than one way. For instance, ottomans with storage inside, side tables and beds with drawers for storage are all great duel-purpose furniture pieces. This way you can combat the overflow of kid’s toys and excessive amount of blankets lying around, which can turn into tripping hazards.

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 2. Not Too Leggy

At some point in the day, the kids are running around the house. Avoid the possibility of furniture being knocked over by purchasing pieces that are heavier and low to the ground, with small legs. Pieces with long legs are easier to tip over and can fall on a child. This will also help with avoiding stubbed toes. Those are never fun!


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3. Stain Free

When selecting your new couch, choose fabrics that are easy to remove stains from. Whether its juice, crayons, markers, dirt, or something else, things are bound to spill or leave a mark. Linen fabric works well to resist stains, along with leather, ultra-suede and performance velvet.

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 4. Safe Accessories

No matter how many times we remind our kids not to throw things in the house, it can still happen. For living areas that are used more frequently or where there might be a flying Frisbee, choose accessories that aren’t breakable and are safe for small children to grab. Move all of your fragile accessories to rooms that the children don’t frequent as much, such as your bedroom or the office.

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5. Slip and Slide

For those of you who have wood floors or tile, choose rugs that are heavier or have a good underside grip. This will keep your kids from slipping on the rugs when they come running through the house during a game of tag. Also choose rugs that are forgiving and easy to clean. Avoid silks and viscose, and go for the Persian and natural fiber rugs.

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6. Safety checks

While you are redecorating, you can also use this time for organization. Check that the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly and make sure all medications and any house cleaners are stored properly and out of reach for children.


We hope that you have fun redecorating and organizing during the day and enjoy playing Frisbee (outside) with the kids in the evenings.


Author: Ashley De Young

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