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What To Love About Zero Energy Homes And The New Era Of Energy Efficiency!

What To Love About Zero Energy Homes And The New Era Of Energy Efficiency!

What To Love About Zero Energy Homes And The New Era Of Energy Efficiency!

De Young Properties to build 100+ homes designed to be Zero Energy* in Clovis

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Living in a home that has the potential to produce as much clean energy as it uses sounds like a thing of the future, doesn’t it? Well, Zero Energy homes are here and they are no longer a thing of the future. In fact, this investment maximizes energy savings by reducing energy bills through responsible energy consumption and production. Furthermore, the benefit of living in a Zero Energy home goes far beyond saving a few dollars or trying to reduce the impact on the environment.  It doesn’t just save energy; it makes the home more comfortable and healthier for you and your family.

Zero Energy and You

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Yes, it’s true, Zero Energy homes have the potential to give you a lower energy bill each month but there are many more benefits you may not be aware of. With advanced ventilation systems, Zero Energy homes automatically provide you with improved in-home air quality making it a healthier home for your family.

A drafty home can be an uncomfortable one. In a Zero Energy home, you get formaldehyde-free insulation with tight construction for a superior thermal envelope and a more evenly heated, less drafty home.

Solar panels are an integral part of the Zero Energy home package. Using solar energy helps protect you and your family from future electricity price shocks making the home a smart investment. It is an inflation—proof addition to your home because as energy prices soar, your home’s monthly electricity rate remains the same.

Zero Energy and the Environment

Zero Energy homes are emerging into the mainstream in our lives and our communities. The more Zero Energy homes that are utilized, the bigger (positive) impact it has on our shared environment. With Earth Day this month, we are coming together to remember how important it is to be a good steward of the environment.

Zero Energy homes reduce the use of fossil fuels and the subsequent release of CO2 into the environment. This not only reduces the severity of the impact on our climate, it also reduces the need for resource extraction, and reduces universal health issues caused by poor air quality. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, electrical power generation created 27.5 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2017. Approximately 62.9 percent of our electricity comes from burning fossil fuels, mostly coal and natural gas. By moving into this energy efficient era, we can help offset that number and collectively reduce our carbon footprint.

Zero Energy for Your Future

Ready to make your move to a Zero Energy home? Or just want to learn more? Talk to Zero Energy home expert, De Young Properties.

De Young Properties is committed to working in harmony with the environment, building affordable homes that are more durable, energy-efficient and healthier to live in, all while having a reduced impact on the environment. In 2018, De Young Properties announced California’s largest grid-connected zero net energy (ZNE), De Young RidgeView, located in Clovis, which includes 58 Zero Energy homes designed with the potential to produce as much clean energy as the home consumes in a year*. De Young Properties has two additional Zero Energy communities in Clovis: The Highlands by De Young (45) and De Young EnVision (36).

These homes have the potential to maximize energy bill savings, improve indoor comfort and health, reduces carbon footprint and promotes energy independence. Make the move to a Zero Energy home today for a better future, tomorrow.

For more information about the De Young commitment to the environment, visit a De Young Welcome Center today!

*Energy consumption calculations are based on US Department of Energy and industry accepted methodologies and software. Zero Energy is achieved when energy consumption and production are equal on a net-annual basis. Actual home performance, energy consumption and production, and energy savings will vary based on many factors. As a result, actual performance, consumption and production, and savings of any home or any of its features may be more or less than indicated. Homes will include electronic energy metering equipment to allow seller, affiliates and partners to gather data regarding home performance. All personal information will be kept strictly confidential.  Solar System with 20-year Zero Down Lease and purchase options included with each home; multiple financing options available. Solar System size dependent on varying factors. See New Home Specialist or visit for details.

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