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Control your home, even when you're away from home!


Home Automation Technology To Live Smarter & More Efficiently!

The Future is Here: Live Smart
Home automation technology to improve home security, convenience and efficiency.

A History of Smarts
For more than 40 years, the De Young Properties team has been building houses and helping families create homes. They have been in ahead of trends, changes in the market and the evolution of how we live and work. In 2009, the De Young EnergySmart home was introduced – full of technology to help homeowners lower energy bills, increase the comfort of living in their homes, and creating healthier homes to live-in and for the environment. – De Young ControlSmart is included with select communities. Please see Sales Associate for details.

With the introduction of De Young ControlSmart,

things are about to become a lot smarter.

Smart Living
The De Young Properties team believes in the connectivity of the internet to our homes, offices, and everything in between to make our lives more convenient, secure, and efficient, and De Young Properties is at the front of this charge. 

Your Life in A De Young ControlSmart Home
Sure the technology is cool, but this isn’t just about the bells and whistles – this is about more efficiency and more security. This is about technology improving your quality of life from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. With each new De Young home purchase, you will receive the Nest Hello Video Doorbell and the Nest X Yale Wi-Fi Door Lock!

What's included in Your De Young ControlSmart Home:

Nest Hello Video Doorbell – Convenience of a doorbell, but with 24/7 live video streaming, HDR imaging, live notifications, and night vision.*

Nest X Yale Wi-Fi Door Lock – Key-free deadbolt for security, with remote control and live notifications.*

*Home Wi-Fi and low monthly fees may be required for certain functionality.

In a few easy steps, you can start Living
Smarter in your new De Young home.

I Want To Live Smart!

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