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The Toomey Family Is Enjoying Their Negative Electric Bills In Their De Young Zero Net Electric EnergySmart Home!

The Toomey Family Is Enjoying Their Negative Electric Bills In Their De Young Zero Net Electric EnergySmart Home!

De Young Propreties Zero Net Electric Home

Leah Toomey has come accustomed to seeing minimal electric bills for her De Young home but she couldn’t believe her eyes when she opened her annual electric True-Up statement. She had a negative balance for her annual usage! Her home had produced more electricity than they had used for the last 12 months, which means they had earned a credit that will be applied towards the gas portion of their next bill.

Leah and her daughter live in a De Young Zero Net Electric EnergySmart home – these homes are designed to reduce annual electricity usage to zero. The floorplans have been designed with advanced building science to generate savings by combining De Young EnergySmart™features with the power of a solar energy system.

“The annual statement speaks for itself. I am saving on a monthly basis with little to no electric bills and to now receive a credit on the annual statement? It’s unbelievable. The amount of money that I will save annually will help put money towards my daughter Ali’s college fund,” said Leah Toomey, a De Young resident. “The Zero Net Electric EnergySmart home was designed to reduce my annual electricity usage to zero and I am seeing those savings. It is a blessing to be able to live comfortably in my home and not have to worry about my electric bill.”

De Young Propreties Zero Net Electric HomeThe savings are undeniable if you compared the average electricity bill of a Zero Net Electric EnergySmart™home to that of an existing home or the average new home on the market. With a Zero Net Electric EnergySmart™home, homebuyers can reduce their annual expenses, so they can have less stress on their pocket book for many years to come, making it a very smart decision.

De Young Properties has a long history of commitment to the environment and enjoys building homes with state-of-the-art features that homeowners can afford. They are constantly working on ways to improve energy-efficiency with quality craftsmanship and standard features that are included in each De Young home. As a result, over the years they had enhanced their energy efficiency to a point where Zero Net Electric was only a small step away, so it was an easy decision to make it available to homeowners.

Next, De Young Properties took one giant step beyond a Zero Net Electric Home with a Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Home. In collaboration with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), De Young Properties built a ZNE Home which is designed to produce as much energy as it consumes each year, which also zeros its energy-related carbon impact on the environment. The ZNE Home, located at the De Young Clovis Welcome Center is now open to the public to tour.

De Young Properties has now received two Gold Nugget Awards – the top honors given at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference and an Award of Merit for their “Net Zero Energy Home Design.”  Gold Nugget winners share one common denominator: excellence and innovation in addressing complex design and building issues.

De Young Properties 2013 Gold Nugget Award Zero Net ElectricA Zero Net Electric home, must not only meet rigorous energy-efficiency standards, but be designed to annually consume zero net electric usage. The award-winning De Young Zero Net Electric EnergySmart™homes are designed to meet these criteria by producing their own solar energy, using efficient climate control, lighting technologies and a multitude of other efficient products and practices resulting in a home that is far more advanced than the standard home on the market today. The goal of the Zero Net Electric home is that in the sunny months of the year, the homeowner can earn a credit for producing more electricity than what they used, so that in the winter months, when they use more electricity than is produced, the credit is applied to those bills. As a result, the homeowner ends up with a “net zero” electrical usage at the end of the year.

This environmentally responsible technology is designed to help save money for years into the future by reducing annual electricity costs.

Visit De Young today to find out how you can achieve negative electric bills!

If electrical consumption varies from the Zero Net Electric EnergySmart design, based on household usage and other varying factors, Zero Net Electric may not be achieved but savings will still occur when compared to an ordinary home.

Author: Brandon De Young, De Young Properties

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