Springtime Honey Do List: Tips From De Young

Tips From De Young – Springtime Honey Do List

Spring is here and along with it comes spring cleaning. Here at De Young we wanted to offer some ideas to add to your honey do list before you get started. Here are some quick and easy cleaning items to add:
  • Cleaning Drainage Basins: During the rainy season that may have grown over your drainage basins. Easy tips for cleaning: remove the drain caps and place a hose inside the pipe to flush out any debris that might have fallen in this winter, reinstall drain cap once you are done. If you don’t know where you drainage basins are located in your De Young home, please contact our Customer Experience Department and we would be happy to help.

  • Wash windows and screens: Clean your screens, wash your windows using these easy tips, and this is also a good time to lubricate tracks of sliding doors


  • Remove trapped rain gutter debris: It is important to take proper care of rain gutters and downspouts. After our wet winter in the Central Valley, you might have accumulated debris of all shapes and sizes in your gutters and downspouts which can cause drainage issues. This spring season take the time and make sure everything is in good shape to protect your house form the next rainy season.


In the midst of spring cleaning, it’s also a good time for annual maintenance items. Remember: Only do what you are comfortable with, some items are best left to the professionals.
    • HVAC air filters: You might not know it but these filters protect your home from unwanted bacteria and harmful particles in the air. Changing these filters is easy, look for them on your ceiling, walls, or in the system itself. It is recommended that air filters are changed about every 90 days.
    • Air conditioning system: Before the blistering heat arrives check your AC and make sure it is operating correctly after the long winter. It might be time to call a professional if your unit is not providing cool air, has poor air flow, experiences thermostat problems, or you are hearing strange sounds. If service is needed, it is easier to schedule now, before the busy part of the season arrives.
    • Garage: Lubricate the track of your garage door so that the operation of the overhead door runs smoothly. Contact our Customer Experience Department for recommended products to perform this task on your De Young home.


  • Smoke detectors: Something so small that’s often forgotten but yet so important. This is an easy one to add to your spring maintenance list – replace batteries in smoke detectors, and don’t forget to hit the test button to reset the system afterwards. For more information, visit the U.S Fire Administration for more information on maintaining your smoke detectors.


  • Weep holes: These small openings that allow water to drain properly should not be blocked. If they are, you can spray them with a hose or even a pressure washer to clear them out.
And finally, enjoy the outdoors this spring!
  • The first barbeque of the season: The beautiful weather is here and many like to BBQ. If you’re going to host a BBQ, you need a grill, and just as important the grill needs to work. Before hosting a backyard extravaganza examine your grill; for gas leaks, rusted grates, or just a simple empty propane bottle. Getting these dealt with ahead of time will prevent the rush of getting it fixed before everyone comes over. When it comes time to cook visit BBQ Guru for their guide to BBQ recipes and impress your crowd by grilling up the prefect spring time dish.


  • Landscaping. When spring his lots of flowers comes into bloom, sometimes choosing what to plant can be difficult, such as annuals, biennials, and perennials. They all will provide vibrant colors for your yard, learn the difference here.


  • Play outside: In Fresno and Clovis, there’s a ton of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family. Visit a park or the zoo, go on a hike, take a bike ride on one of the City of Clovis trails, or visit a nearby lake. Doesn’t matter what you do, just get out and enjoy the fresh air!


We hope you have an awesome spring and enjoy the gorgeous weather, beautiful flowers and your family adventures.  

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