Score A Touchdown In A De Young Home!

Are you ready for the mounds of finger food? For the loud cheering and intense booing? Are you ready for the Doritos commercials? Super Bowl Sunday is here and we’re so ready! De Young Properties has one more question for you though; is your house ready?

With De Young homes, you’re Super Bowl Sunday experience can be more enjoyable and memorable.  Take a look at these amenities offered with each home and how they could enhance your American holiday experience.

1. Open Floorplans:

Having enough food laid out for your family and guests during the Game is a top priority. With De Young floorplans, you can prepare food and be able to watch the game at the same time! The kitchen and great room are connected; no wall separating your view from the television. Enjoy being able to hop back and forth from room to room without missing a play.

De Young Residence 210 Gourmet Kitchen2. Gourmet Kitchen:

Now that you can watch the game from the kitchen, why not enjoy its features? De Young kitchens are equipped with stainless steel General Electric appliances with gas cook tops. For the countertops, you can select between quartz and natural granite. And don’t forget the most important feature: the pantry! Enjoy a large space to store all your snacks leading up to the game.

3. Spacious Great Room:

A Super Bowl party means lots of people! De Young homes have spacious great rooms that can comfortably fit a large group. Avoid elbow-knocking and food spilling with the extra room!

4. Outdoor Living Areas:

We are lucky that February in the Central Valley can bring some enjoyable weather. Enjoy spending part of Super Bowl Sunday in an open-aired courtyard or covered patio of your De Young home. In addition, there are personal selections to enhance your outdoor living experience like an outdoor kitchen with a built in BBQ or fire pit that are available in the De Young Design Studio. Nothing like enjoying a hot dog or hamburger during the big game!

5. Abundant Windows:

For those of you who have children, you know that sitting and watching an entire football game may not be the most exciting activity for them. Have the ability to sit on the couch while keeping an eye on your children playing outside with the numerous windows included in each De Young home.

Interested in making your next Super Bowl Sunday as great as it could be? Visit a De Young Welcome Center today to learn more about these great features, and more!

Author: Ashley De Young

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