Preparing To Travel? Secure Your Home This Summer With ControlSmart Technology

Preparing To Travel? Secure Your Home This Summer With ControlSmart Technology

The weather is heating up, school is coming to a close and the air conditioning is always running; it must be summertime! What does this mean? It’s time for summer vacation! Get ready to book the hotel, find someone to feed the dog, take your luggage bags out of storage and buy some sunscreen. You and your family are ready to travel, but is your home ready?
At De Young you can travel with peace of mind with ControlSmart technology – a way to control and monitor your home, even when you are away. Have the ability to check on your home, control the lights, and lock doors from your Smartphone, no matter where you are. Included in each De Young home, you will receive the Samsung SmartThings Hub, a Smart Lock and a Smart Light! And with a plethora of additional SmartHome personal selections to invest in, like smart thermostats, a video doorbell, and a connected home security system, you can be in complete control.
How can these products protect your home? Let’s take a look at a few examples!

  • Smart Locks: Never worry about if you locked the door when you left home. With Smart Locks, you can unlock your door automatically when you come home and lock automatically when everyone leaves the house.

  • Smart Lights: Save energy, time, and money with Smart Lights. These lights can be automatically programmed to turn off when a room is empty, come on or off at specific times of the day or if there’s motion and be controlled remotely.

  • Stay Connected: Receive real-time notifications on your smartphone or tablet with the help of these devices and other add-on devices, when people come or go from your home, when doors and windows have been left opened or unlocked, or if there is motion detected while you are away.
With De Young ControlSmart technology, you can leave home feeling at ease whether it is just for an hour or for your family vacation. Now, time to start packing! For more information, visit a De Young Welcome Center today.

Author: Brandon De Young

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