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Outside Realtor of the Year Award

Outside Realtor of the Year Award

De Young Properties is proud to recognize the top outside realtors as part of their VIP Realtor Program – a rewards program established to recognize and reward the hard work and dedication of our local realtors in the Valley that have joined De Young Properties to help families achieve the American Dream of homeownership.


We are honored to announce the winner of the 2023 Gold Award for the De Young Properties Real Estate Agent of the Year, Joe Park of EXP Realty. With years of experience in real estate, EXP Realty has helped numerous homebuyer’s dreams come true.


“Working with Joe was truly delightful. His professionalism shines in every interaction, and his industry expertise is impressive,” said Eric Armenta, De Young Realty, Senior New Home Professional.The passion he brings to his work is evident, reflected in the satisfaction of his happy customers.”


Here is what Joe Parks had to say about his experience with De Young Properties:

1.    Why have your customers decided to buy from De Young Properties?
The customers I've assisted in choosing De Young homes were confident in their decision because I made sure to thoroughly showcase the resale market and offerings from other builders. This approach allowed them to make well-informed decisions for their families.

2.    How does De Young Properties set themselves apart from other homebuilders?
De Young Properties stands out to me due to their strong emphasis on the customer experience and their excellent reputation as a local builder known for quality construction and value.

3.    Why do you like working with De Young Properties?
Working with De Young Properties is a pleasure because they actively address customer concerns, keeping me in the loop so I can contribute to a smoother process for the customer.


4.    Where do you see the Central Valley Real Estate market going in 2024?
Looking ahead to the 2024 real estate market, I anticipate a favorable environment for both buyers and sellers. The Federal Reserve's plan to lower rates in 2024 instills confidence in first-time homebuyers, prompting a transition from renting to homeownership. Rising rents make homeownership more appealing, benefiting both buyers and sellers.


5.    Can you share a memorable story or rewarding experience related to selling a De Young Properties home?
The Perry's, who relocated to Fresno to serve our community as teachers, faced a tight timeframe to find a home before starting work. We explored options from various builders and considered resale homes within their budget and criteria. De Young homes stood out by meeting more criteria on their want list than any other, and De Young Properties efficiently had the home ready within their required timeframe.


6.    Any specific individuals you would like to acknowledge for contributing to your success in selling De Young Properties homes?
I want to acknowledge specific individuals, including Ashley De Young, whose availability as a member of the De Young family is remarkable. Throughout the home sales I've been involved in over the past year, Ashley, Eric Armenta, Tim Thatcher, and Chana consistently provided support, making it easier for the buyers I worked with to make decisions. Their ongoing communication ensured that any questions from my buyers or me were promptly addressed.


Thank you, Joe! We are so appreciative of your kind words. Congratulations again on your award. We look forward to doing a lot more business with you in 2024!


Join the De Young Properties VIP Realtor program and you can become a 2024 Gold Award Winner!


For your first sale with De Young Properties, you will receive a broker co-op commission and for each additional sale you secure within 90 days of your original sale, you will receive:

§ An additional .5% Broker Co-Op Commission on the base price of the home

§ Feature article on the De Young Properties blog

§ Inclusion in De Young Properties social media accounts


If you bring in multiple clients who purchase a De Young home, you’ll receive free advertising on additional sales.


Disclaimer: See New Home Specialist for details. The amount or rate of real estate commissions is not fixed by law. They are set by each broker individually and may be negotiable between the seller and broker. Broker Co-Op subject to change.Please click here to read Terms & Conditions.