Introducing: De Young ControlSmart!

Introducing: De Young ControlSmart!

De Young ControlSmartThe Home That Controls Itself!

For more than 40 years, the De Young Properties team has been building houses and helping families create homes. We try to stay ahead of trends, changes in the market and the evolution of how we live and work. This ongoing focus is critical in the development of our new De Young SmartHome.

We’ve been building EnergySmart homes for years, but now – with the recent boom in affordable, yet resilient, home automation technology – we can take it one step further. And trust me – it’s a BIG step.

De Young Residence 260 Elevation TuscanPlease let me introduce you to… De Young ControlSmart. I love discovering and incorporating new innovation into my life, and the homes we build at De Young Properties. When I started using the ControlSmart technology in my own home, it improved efficiency, security, financial control and quality of life from the convenience of my smartphone and tablet. Not only that, but by tapping a few buttons on my smartphone I was able to setup my home to begin controlling itself according to my wishes. It’s like having your very own butler (in fact, I call him Jarvis now as a nod to Iron Man)!

Prepare Yourself for Smart Living

To achieve a smart home design that meets our requirements for security, affordability, ease of use and resilience, we reviewed and tested an exhaustive list of devices and products, and we continue to do so today. Ultimately, there is one system that stands out among the rest – SmartThings™.  To ensure our homeowners have the best, we’ve partnered with SmartThings™and made their Hub the heart of De Young ControlSmart.

With the SmartThings™Hub, you will be able to connect a very wide variety of smart devices and begin to control them right from your smartphone or tablet, or specify SmartThings to control them for you!

Each De Young SmartHome Includes the Following De Young ControlSmart Features:

De Young ControlSmart Hub


SmartThings™Hub: Customize your De Young ControlSmart Home to work for you and your lifestyle. The Hub, which connects all of your compatible devices, allows you to customize the control of your home to suit your family’s needs with ease right from your smartphone or tablet!


De Young ControlSmart Switch

Smart Lights: Save energy, time, and money with Smart Lights, which can be automatically set to turn off when a room is empty, come on or off at specific times of the day and be controlled remotely from your smartphone or tablet.




De Young ControlSmart Lock

Smart Locks: Stress-free security is yours with Smart Locks, which can unlock automatically when you come home and lock automatically when everyone leaves the house.




De Young ControlSmart Phone

Smart Communication: Stay connectedto what’s happening at home from wherever you are through notifications to your smartphone or tablet when people come or go from your home, when doors and windows have been left opened or unlocked, or if there is motion detected while you are away.

For those that want to invest in a more complete ControlSmart home, there are a multitude of add-on devices, like light switches, door locks, garage door controls, a touch-screen alarm system and security cameras that you can choose from to add as much ease, control and efficiency as you would like!

All that and a home you can brag about to friends – what more could you ask for? Oh, right, that it be simple. Well, look no further because the De Young ControlSmart is just that! Visit a De Young Properties Welcome Center today or call (559) 323-6004.

Start living smarter in your new De Young SmartHome. The home that controls itself!

AUTHOR: Brandon De Young, De Young Properties

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