How A De Young Multi-Generational Floorplan Could Be The Best Gift For Your Graduate

How A De Young Multi-Generational Floorplan Could Be The Best Gift For Your Graduate

Summer is almost here, which means graduation season. Congratulations to all high school and college students who have made it to this achievement; it’s something to celebrate! With graduation comes change, including where students will live next. Parents, listen up! De Young Properties may have what you are in search of…
The Central Valley offers a handful of college options including California State University, Fresno; Fresno Pacific University; Fresno City College; and Clovis Community College. With these great local options, many high school graduates may decide to stay in town for college and with that decision, they may want to continue living at home. Parents, don’t fret, it is becoming more common for young adults to choose to live with their parents after turning 18 instead of moving out. However, though they may be living at home, students want to be more independent and have their privacy. How can they live at home and still feel independent?

While high school graduates are staying in town for school, college students are graduating and some are wanting to move back home. This may cause an issue since college grads will be going from living independently to living with their parents again. They want to continue living their accustomed lifestyle, but how can they now that their parents are around?

The answer: De Young Properties offers Multi-Generational floorplans that are perfect for families in either of these situations. The De Young Multi-Gen floorplans provide a second, separate living space, giving your grad the independence they seek. They were designed specifically to allow multiple generations to live comfortably under the same roof.

The De Young Multi-Gen floorplan includes a bath, bedroom, kitchenette, living room and private entry! De Young Properties offers multiple floorplans that can be personalized as Multi-Gen to fit the homeowner’s lifestyle. Not only are these floorplans perfect for your student, but they are also beneficial if a grandparent or loved one needs to move in the coming years.
When trying to decide on that perfect gift for your graduate, consider a De Young Multi-Gen home. For more information, visit a De Young Welcome Center today.

Author: Ryan De Young

Photo Credit: 1) Fresno State News


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