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Furniture Rehab: Renew, Reuse, Recycle

Furniture Rehab: Renew, Reuse, Recycle

You just bought a new house. And now you want to replace everything you’ve collected over the years and start fresh with all new furniture, worthy of your new digs and your evolving sense of style that you selected at the De Young Design Studio. Except you feel guilty for ditching furniture that is in perfectly good condition just slightly outdated.


No need to fear! With DIY (and with a little help from your new best friend, Pinterest), you can transform your old furniture and give it new life in your new place!

First – Live With It

Take a little bit of time to live in your new home, understand how you will live in the space, what you need most and what is most important to you. You want to spend your decorating budget wisely, so it is important to take inventory and consider the big picture.

Second – Inspiration Overload

Start to pull together looks that you love. Whether it’s ripping out pages in magazines or spending all your free time on Pinterest, there is much inspiration to be had! It’s important to have a vision of the look you are trying to achieve or what you want your space to “feel” like before you make too many decisions. (We have pinned some favorite looks on the De Young Properties Pinterest page!)

Third – Make it Your Own

furniture-rehab-blogWe always love to see how families transform their De Young houses into homes – this is the fun part! Here’s a couple of our favorite ideas – simple, affordable and full of personality – yours!

When in Doubt:

Paint – Nothing is more fun than a pop of color. If you have an old dresser or table or wardrobe that has seen better days, give it a new lease on life with a couple coats of paint. Disclaimer: It can be addicting!

Fun with Fabric:

No need to invest in a new couch or chairs that don’t match your new look, when you have access to fabric! You can pick the absolute perfect thing, a pattern or color that screams “you” and reupholster existing pieces for a custom look.

Details Matter:

Resist the urge to be overwhelmed. Don’t be stalled with indecision. Just tackle one thing at a time. You will be surprised how much the smallest of details matter – updating a light fixture, adding new throw pillows, filling a bookshelf with sentimental treasures.

The De Young Design Consultants could literally talk about this all day long – and they will! They are available to walk you through the step-by-step process of personalizing your new De Young home to compliment your current or future style! It’s up to you!


Contact the De Young Design Studio at 559.298.3500 today!

AUTHOR: Ashley De Young

{Image Source: Restoration HardwareeHowJ. Aaron Green}

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