Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – First Anniversary Thank You to The Central Valley Community!

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – First Anniversary Thank You To The Central Valley Community!

One year ago today, the official building process began on HGTV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition home after host Jesse Tyler Ferguson met firefighter Nick Reeder and his family at the Door Knock ceremony! De Young Properties is proud to have been part of this life-changing experience building a home for the Reeder family in less than a week with help from our valued Trade Partners, volunteers, donors and the Central Valley community!

In celebration of the first anniversary of the Clovis episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, we would like to share this video as a special thank you to everyone who supported us during the extraordinary build.

We couldn’t have completed this week-long build without you!

Relive the Clovis episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition by watching our videos from each day of the build!



Day 1



Day 2

Clovis, California…July 31, 2019)— Yesterday began the official building process of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition home after host Jesse Tyler Ferguson met firefighter Nick Reeder and his family at the Door Knock ceremony. Last night, volunteers mobilized as the Extreme crew joined De Young Properties and their team of trade partners for this momentous project. This sizeable army of volunteers continued to work throughout the night as they constructed the framing of the home.

As construction continues today, builders will race against the clock as they install the home’s energy efficient electrical system, glass windows, HVAC system, plumbing, and wall insulation. On top of this, much of the roofing will be done as crews will focus on installing the drywall through the night.



Day 3

Clovis, California…August 1, 2019)—  As of this morning, construction of the Reeder home is on schedule as yesterday much of the roofing, electrical, wall insulation, and HVAC installation was completed through the night. The new home will be built with state-of-the art De Young SmartHome features that are included in every De Young Properties home. Today’s work will focus on the exterior of the home. This will include the full installation of the garage door as well as the addition of stucco and placement of much the exterior stone.

Entering the third day of week-long build, it is truly amazing to see the rate at which this progress has been made on this new home. Nearing the project’s midpoint, the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition designers continue to lead the efforts with their unyielding optimism and dynamic combination of skillsets while providing inspiration to the team of trade partners, volunteers and donors as all involved push forward toward a mutual goal. The Extreme team’s unique talent and outstanding leadership, partnered with the community stewardship of De Young Properties, is what make this project possible.

The Extreme and De Young Properties teams want to thank the many skilled and hardworking individuals step up by answering the call to volunteers their talent and time to help in this life-changing effort.


Day 4

Clovis, California…August 2, 2019)— Entering into the fourth day of construction, the action has not stopped yet as the Extreme and De Young Properties teams are leading the trade partners and volunteers to make sure this dream home is completed in time for the Reeder family return. The diligent crews of volunteers continue to work at rapid pace, both day and night. The Extreme and De Young Properties teams cannot express how much the overwhelming support of our trade partners has been instrumental in the overall success of this massive community-wide endeavor.

Today’s effort centers on finishing the tile, cabinets, trim, paint, countertops, along with the installation of solar panels. Yesterday’s progress included much of the exterior elements like stucco and stone in addition to the installation of the garage door.












Day 5

Clovis, California…August 3, 2019)— Step by step, the hard work continues at record pace! As the race against time moves into its final lap, the De Young Properties, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, De Young Properties and the amazing team of volunteers move ever closer to the finish line, just in time for the Reeder family’s return.Most of the siding and wood flooring is expected to finish later this morning as yesterday saw the completion of much of the tile and countertops along with the installation of the solar panels.
More than effort and skill alone, it took an immeasurable amount of determination and passion to arrive at this point. While this progress is certainly exciting, the project is not quite over as the construction teams give their best efforts to finish by the deadline.

Today many of the closet systems and window blinds will go up. On the outside of the home, this day will see the start of the landscaping process which will continue well through the evening. This will also serve as the beginning for the move-in process of furniture along with design features.

Just five days ago, the De Young Properties team began the construction of a beautiful and energy efficient De Young home – specially built for the Reeder family with the support of the entire community. And today, the De Young Properties team will complete the home and hand off the keys to the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Design Team, making it one step closer to welcoming the Reeder family home.

Throughout this project we saw several thousand volunteers contribute in addition to the overwhelming amount of donations that were given to make this endeavor possible. Completing a project that would normally take several months in a matter of days is certainly no small feat but thanks to the amazing team, this dream moves ever closer toward becoming a reality.




You can watch HGTV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition  anytime on HGTV GO: Click here to watch full episodes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

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