De Young Properties Speaks at Build It Green Conference – Beyond Energy Efficiency!

De Young Properties Speaks at Build It Green Conference

Beyond Energy Efficiency

The California Energy Commission is forging on towards requiring all new residential and commercial construction to be Zero Net Energy. This means that the total amount of energy used by a building annually is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on site. The Build It Green “Beyond Energy Efficiency” Conference held on May 18 in San Leandro, CA discussed upcoming changes in energy efficiency practices and ways business owners can implement these new practices into their business.

Brandon De Young - Build It Green - Beyond Energy Efficiency

The conference included cutting-edge workshops that delivered practical knowledge for businesses to implement immediately. Zero Net Energy and High Performing Homes, Health and Indoor Quality, Advanced Water Conservation and Low-Carbon Homes/Electrification were among the key topics discussed. The workshops were led by top industry experts and hundreds of every-day building and home professionals.

Brandon De Young - Build It Green - Beyond Energy Efficiency

Among these speakers was our very own Brandon De Young! He shared his experience in developing the first Zero Net Energy production home in Central California, which is open for daily tours at our Armstrong Welcome Center in Clovis.

“It was a great day of interaction surrounding best practices and strategies to push towards very high performance homes and Zero Net Energy,” said Brandon De Young. “I was able to speak about our company’s path towards ZNE and hinted at the exciting things we have coming soon.”

Brandon De Young - Build It Green - Beyond Energy Efficiency

The highlight of the conference was hearing from Keynote Speaker, Commissioner Andrew McAllister with the California Energy Commission (CEC).  Commissioner McAllister has been working on clean energy deployment and policy for his entire career. He began with project engineering and development, which then evolved into program design and implementation and ended in the policy arena. McAllister has worked across the globe, developing renewable energy generation, energy efficiency investments, and energy management systems, with counterparts ranging from tiny remote communities to the largest of utilities.

De Young Properties is excited for the upcoming changes involving Zero Net Energy and the impact it will have on communities. If you are interested in learning more about Zero Net Energy and the Zero Energy Home that De Young Properties offers, visit a De Young Welcome Center today!

Author: Paula De Young

Photo Credit: Build It Green

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