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De Young Properties Names Ryan De Young President

De Young Properties Names Ryan De Young President

Ryan De Young, President of De Young PropertiesDe Young Properties announced that J. Ryan De Young, current Vice President of Finance, has been appointed to President of De Young Properties.

Jerry De Young, current President and Chief Executive Officer will retain his executive position as Chief Executive Officer. As a three generation family homebuilder in the San Joaquin Valley, this transition of leadership is a natural progression to continue the legacy of De Young Properties into the future and has been in the works for several years as the third generation of the De Young family have taken on more responsibility and leadership.

“In 1974, my wife Paula and I started building under De Young Propertiesto continue a family legacy of homebuilding first started by her father more than 70 years ago. To know that the third generation De Young family members will continue to lead the company into the future is very exciting,” said Jerry De Young, CEO of De Young Properties. “Generation three, which includes Ryan and siblings, have grown up in the industry and has witnessed the evolution of homebuilding, contributing to the advancement of De Young’s building practices to ensure our company is at the forefront of the industry. They are more than ready to take on these new roles and continue to lead the company.”

Ryan’s familiarity and knowledge of the local homebuilding industry is a direct result of growing up in the business that was established by his parents. He aims to continue the family’s legacy of building quality, innovative homes that feature the latest design-trends and leading-edge amenities, while never losing sight of the most important aspect of the business – customer service.

“Ryan has been an exceptional leader company-wide and has been instrumental in our growth and success over the last 12 years. In his new role, he will continue to utilize his leadership skills to maintain the relationship-driven mindset that De Young Properties is known for,” said Jerry.

In his role as CEO, Jerry will continue to provide vision and direction for De Young Properties, helping to maintain the family tradition of quality craftsmanship, environmentally-responsible innovation and exceptional customer service.

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