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De Young Properties Is Helping the Earth, One Home At A Time!

De Young Properties Is Helping the Earth, One Home At A Time!

%image_alt%As a visionary in homebuilding, De Young Properties continues to advance their award-winning, energy-efficient and green building practices to remain at the forefront of the industry. At the newest De Young community, Sierra Crest in North Clovis, De Young Properties is offering the new De Young SmartHome Icon Series, a truly transformative approach to how new homes are being built.

Leading-edge building science and technology further enhanced with a Performance Sealed Attic, Advanced Framed Walls and a SolarCity 20-year fully pre-paid solar system lease make these new De Young homes unmatched in the market, allowing homebuyers to enjoy in some of the most advanced energy-efficient homes available in the state. These are just the latest efforts by De Young Properties to build the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly homes to save homebuyers money and live more comfortably.


De Young Properties is an award-winning homebuilder that stresses progress and innovation in every step of the building process. The De Young SmartHome Icon Series will take the standard of energy-efficient homebuilding to the next level. De Young Properties has transformed their already popular floorplans to achieve the revolutionary Icon Series design, allowing their homebuyers a variety of floorplans that fit their lifestyle while also maximizing energy efficiency and comfort. These homes are designed to be more efficient than California’s required energy-efficient standards by up to 46%!

“We are committed to providing our homebuyers the most advanced energy-efficient technology and believe that the Icon Series will not only accomplish that, but set the standard for how homes will be built for years to come,” said Brandon De Young, Executive Vice President at De Young Properties. “The De Young SmartHome Icon Series brings a new level of innovation to our market that is not currently offered by anyone else; it truly sets us apart from other homes. We are very excited to offer these energy-efficient floorplans to our homebuyers at De Young’s newest community Sierra Crest, as well as future communities.”

The Icon Series floorplans include a newly designed Performance Sealed Attic that takes the thermal boundary to the actual perimeter of the home; from the top of the roofline to the base of the walls, which will not only protect the ductwork in the home, but the furnace and air handler as well, resulting in increased efficiency and energy savings. In addition, the new Advanced Wall Framing techniques provide more strategically designed and thicker exterior walls, which allow for more insulation, taking energy-efficiency to a new level and as an added bonus, creating a better sound barrier from the world outside. Finally, through a partnership with SolarCity, all De Young SmartHome Icon Series floorplans will come with a solar system included under a 20-year fully pre-paid lease. Sierra Crest will be one of the first communities in the United States to offer the SolarCity Silevo panel, a top electricity-producing solar panel that is on the market today. Homeowners will start saving energy the day their system is turned on. These efforts are just the latest innovations by De Young Properties to build the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly homes possible.

De Young has a long history of commitment to the environment and enjoys building homes with state-of-the-art features that will benefit the homeowner and the environment long term. In 2010, De Young Properties placed itself at the forefront of its industry by being the first to offer, and continuing to offer, multiple homes designed to be Zero Net Electric. In addition, De Young collaborated with PG&E to take one giant step beyond Zero Net Electric to build the first Zero Net Energy Home in the area. The De Young Zero Net Energy Home supports California’s Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan that requires all new residential homes in California to be Zero Net Energy by 2020.

The De Young SmartHome Icon Series homes at Sierra Crest are not expected to last long. To learn more about the De Young SmartHome Icon Series and Sierra Crest, visit a Welcome Center or call 559.212.3277.

Author: Brandon De Young




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