De Young Properties Celebrates 2019 Gold Award Real Estate Agent of the Year – Kuldip Ranu of Xander Real Estate

De Young Properties Celebrates 2019 Gold Award Real Estate Agent of the Year – Kuldip Ranu of Xander Real Estate

De Young Properties recently recognized their top sellers as part of their VIP Realtor Program. The program was established to reward the hard work and dedication of our local realtors in the Valley that have joined De Young Properties to help families achieve the American Dream of homeownership.

We are honored to announce the winner of the 2019 Gold Award for the De Young Properties Real Estate Agent of the Year, Kuldip Ranu of Xander Real Estate. With years of experience in both real estate and loans, Xander Real Estate has helped numerous home buyers dream come true. Kuldip and his incredible team are there to guide and assist home buyers every step of the way, you become their number one priority.

“It as an absolute pleasure to work with Kuldip, he is extremely professional with everyone he interacts with and he is knowledgeable about the industry,” said Eric Armenta, De Young Realty New Home Sales Manager. “His passion is transmitted through his work and how happy his customers are with his service.”

Here is what Kuldip had to say about De Young Properties!

1. Why have your customers decided to buy from De Young Properties?
The De Young Properties communities include great locations, quality building and bigger lots.

2. How does De Young Properties set themselves apart from other homebuilders?
In my time working with De Young Properties, I have always experienced impeccable customer service, integrity in the business dealings, and a great finished product

3. Why do you like working with De Young Properties?
I love the team of New Home Specialists and really the whole staff, they are always responsive and attentive to the needs of my clients.

4. Where do you see the Central Valley Real Estate market going in 2020?
Onward and upward!

Contact Kuldip:

Kuldip Ranu, Lending Manager
Xander Mortgage & Real Estate Inc.
(559) 472-7755

Join the De Young Properties VIP Realtor Program and you can be Kuldip next year!

For your first sale with De Young Properties as a VIP Realtor Program member, you will receive a 2.5% commission*, but we aren’t stopping there. For each additional sale you secure within 90 days of your original sale, you will receive an incredible media, commission* and benefit package – our gift to you.

This package includes:
• 2.5% commission*
• A feature article on the De Young Properties blog
• Inclusion in De Young Properties social media accounts with thousands of fans and followers
• For every additional sale, a $100 Gift Card to the local restaurant of your choice

Shaw Welcome Center - De Young Properties New Homes

Interested in joining the De Young Properties VIP Realtor Program, visit a De Young Welcome Center today!

*The amount or rate of real estate commissions is not fixed by law. They are set by each broker individually and may be negotiable between the seller and broker. Please click here to read Terms & Conditions.

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