De Young Offers Four Multi-Generational Floorplans To Choose From!

De Young Offers Four Multi-Generational Floorplans To Choose From!


Multi-Generational living has become increasingly popular among families. De Young Properties is proud to offer four Multi-Generational designs to meet the needs of these households.

The De Young Multi-Gen floorplans include a second, separate living space with a bath, bedroom, kitchenette, living room and private entry, giving the family member or guest as much or as little privacy as they would like.

As the needs of the family change, this flexible space can be personalized to fit the homeowner’s lifestyle. Not only can the Multi-Gen living space be used as a mother-in-law suite,but also as a private space for an adult child, guest quarters for out-of-towners, home office or just as flexible bonus space. This lifestyle, of more than two generations living in one home, can offer the perfect blend of built-in child or elder care, domestic household assistance and the opportunity to develop close connections that families living together can maintain.

Today, more families than ever now have three or more generations living under one roof and with the De Young Multi-Gen Designs, you have two living spaces inside your home.

These versatile floorplans and the personal selections available in the De Young Design Studio, allow families to customize their home to best fit their lifestyle.

The De Young Design Studio offers professional Design Consultants that specialize in the art of combining colors and textures to achieve the customer’s desired effect.  With a focus on exceptional customer service, the goal of the Design Consultants is to help homeowners give their homes the look they’ve always dreamed of with all the resources under the same roof.The De Young Design Consultants offer as much – or as little – assistance as you like, ready to walk you through a step-by-step process for personalizing your new De Young home.What is the result?  A new home that’s custom-tailored to complement your individual sense of comfort and style.

Homes built by De Young Properties feature all the latest trends in colors, textures and amenities, making it easy for homeowners to capture their personal preferences and sense of style. The De Young Design Studio has a complete selection of décor accents and home amenities, as well as expert advice from a team of experienced Design Consultants.

In addition to the resourceful Multi-Gen floorplans and personal selections available at the De Young Design Studio, De Young EnergySmartTM homes are designed to maximize energy savings while offering quality craftsmanship and true comfort. These energy-efficient homes come with a host of earth-friendly features and apply green building practices that create a healthy environment in which we live. These building practices include high energy efficiency standards, improved indoor air quality, water conservation and utilizing sustainable building practices. In addition, De Young EnergySmart™homes have independent inspections for third-party review.


To learn more about the functional Multi-Gen Floorplans, visit a De Young Welcome Center today!

Author: Ryan De Young

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