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California Requires Solar on New Homes by 2020 – De Young Properties Ahead of the Curve!

California Requires Solar on New Homes by 2020 – De Young Properties Ahead of the Curve!

California Requires Solar on New Homes by 2020 – De Young Properties Ahead of the Curve!

California recently took a big leap toward a greener future, unanimously approving a new set of building standards which will not only require an increase in energy efficiency, but will also require that all new homes have solar systems beginning in 2020. Having long been committed to environmental stewardship and green building, De Young Properties believes this to be an incredible step for California toward a greener tomorrow. Clean energy is the future, and here at De Young Properties, we build tomorrow’s homes, today!

“The homes we build today already exceed this new code, which won’t go into effect until January 1, 2020,” said Brandon De Young, Executive Vice President of De Young Properties. “Our community De Young EnVision far exceeds the new standards, including even more efficiency and solar. So much so that the homes are designed with the potential to produce as much clean energy as they consume in a year*— known as Zero Energy homes — which the upcoming code will not quite achieve.”

The De Young Difference

Not only does De Young Properties already include solar*, but each De Young home comes with so much more to help reduce its impact on the environment and provide greater indoor health and comfort. For nearly a decade, De Young Properties has been forging a path toward a more sustainable and clean energy future, establishing themselves as a leader in advanced building science and energy efficient homebuilding.

In 2009, De Young unveiled EnergySmart, an advanced suite of sustainable, energy efficient products and practices. Since then, EnergySmart features have been included in every De Young home, helping families enjoy greater indoor comfort and health and lower energy bills, while contributing to better air quality in our Valley.

In 2013, De Young expanded energy efficiency and solar even further to address all energy usage, both electricity and natural gas, to build the Central Valley’s first Zero Energy Home. Over the next four years, De Young refined its Zero Energy design, and, in 2017 built the Central Valley’s second Zero Energy Home. Later that same year, De Young Properties unveiled De Young EnVision, the first grid-connected Zero Energy community in Central California, and continues to refine their technology with each home built. EnVision is now selling and recently celebrated the release of new homesites – click here to learn more!

Ahead of the Curve

According to the New York Times, “California’s move is by far the boldest and most consequential of any. California law requires at least 50 percent of the state’s electricity to come from noncarbon-producing sources by 2030.” Here at De Young Properties, we are proud to be ahead of the curve, having long believed in the importance of environmental stewardship and having worked toward greener building methods for several years, already producing the Valley’s first Zero Energy homes and community!

Learn More

De Young is committed to improving the quality of life in the Central Valley, building state-of-the-art homes that are better for our homeowners and better for the environment. Visit the De Young Welcome Center to learn more about our commitment to the environment and our commitment to you. De Young Properties – building tomorrow’s homes, today.

To learn more about how De Young Properties is building beyond today’s energy building standards, check out this front page article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

*To learn more about the Zero Energy homes at EnVision, please visit Solar System with 20-year zero down lease included with each home; multiple financing options available. Solar System size dependent on varying factors.

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