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Building GreenSmart at De Young Properties

Building GreenSmart at De Young Properties

EnergySmart-BannerEnvironmentally safe practices are quickly becoming the norm in today’s society. Homeowners, in particular, are becoming more aware about the impact that the energy and water used in their homes has on the planet’s limited natural resources and are choosing to adopt earth-friendly practices for a more environmentally-friendly life.

At De Young Properties, we are proud to say that we are doing our part to help the environment with GreenSmart building practices for our energy-efficient SmartHomes. De Young Properties has implemented programs that make our homes as environmentally-sustainable as possible, while still maintaining features fit for modern living.  As a GreenPoint Rated builder, De Young Properties utilizes building practices that are not only good for the environment but for your entire family, as well. In addition, GreenPoint Rated provides third-party verification of green features – allowing us to have an independent seal of approval reassuring our homeowners that their home is healthier, more comfortable, durable and resource-efficient.

Our expertise in building GreenSmart homes begins with our management team. Our President, Ryan De Young, is a Certified Green Professional (CGP) and I am a certified Building Performance Institute Building Analyst. Our team of certified professionals incorporate earth-friendly and sustainable building practices that ensure our homes maximize true comfort while minimizing the environmental impact of modern living with GreenSmart features.

What does a De Young Properties SmartHome look like with GreenSmart building features? High standards of energy-efficiency, sustainable building practices, healthier indoor air quality and water conservation!


High Standards of Energy-Efficiency

  • Significantly exceeding California’s 2013 energy code by up to 46% by optimizing the mix of energy-related products and designs throughout each floor plan


Healthier Indoor Air Quality

  • Positive/balanced fresh air system provides fresh air to your home
    • Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) that provides filtered fresh air into your home 24/7
    • Humidity control and extremely quiet Energy Star-rated exhaust fans in bathrooms
  • Builders protect air ducts during construction to maintain clean ducts for better air quality
  • Environmentally-friendly Puron refrigerant by Lennox HVAC
  • High-efficiency HVAC filter (Merv 8) for better air quality and increased efficiency
  • Kitchen hood vented to the outside for increased ventilation
  • Superior, formaldehyde-free insulation for better air quality and health
  • Low VOC paint for better air quality


Resource Conservation

  • Home recycles up to 90% of waste away from landfills, reduces carbon footprint to minimize the environmental impact
  • Durable, non-combustible concrete tile roofing materials
  • Durable, non-combustible siding materials
  • Built-in recycle center in all kitchens for homeowner convenience
  • Insulated hot water pipes in home for increased efficiency
  • Termite pre-treat under foundation
  • Strategic land-use planning
  • Engineer-oriented strand board (OSB) wood products to reduce waste and provide for greater
  • structural integrity
  • Engineered 1-joist wood products to help reduce splitting, shrinking, warping and to help save our forests


Water Conservation

  • Drip irrigation, versus typical sprinklers, to save up to 75% in water consumption for flowerbed irrigation
  • Water and energy-efficient (Energy Star®) dishwasher
  • Performance engineered Kohler faucets and showerheads
    • Water-efficient, yet high performance, 2.0 gpm showerheads which a19 WaterSense certified
    • High-efficiency 1.5 gpm faucets that use at least 30% less water than typical 2.2 gpm faucets, while meeting strict performance guidelines

Step into the world of GreenSmart living and experience our environmentally-friendly homes at De Young Properties today! Our homes are not only stunning and vibrant but will have a minimal impact on our environment and your wallet in the long-run. They are fully-equipped with today’s latest amenities while keeping our environment in mind. Visit a Welcome Center today to learn more!

Author: Brandon De Young

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