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Back to Basics: Our Foundational Relationship with 84 Lumber

Back to Basics: Our Foundational Relationship with 84 Lumber

84 Lumber Derek Rowe De Young Team

At De Young Properties, we’ve been in this business a long time, 40 years to be exact.

From day one, our commitment to the highest quality of work and our passion for customer satisfaction has been fundamental to our success. Each time we encounter a trade partner with the same set of values, it is magic.

Recently, one such partner, 84 Lumber, came for a visit and Derek Rowe reminded us of how much our customers benefit from their critical contributions to all of our homes.

The 84 Lumber Story

84 Lumber originated in Pennsylvania in the 1950s and opened their Fresno location in the 1980s. Their lumber is primarily Douglas Fir, from 20-30 year old, 60’ trees from Oregon. The team at 84 Lumber is hands-on at every stage of the process. They carefully monitor moisture levels; they are meticulous about following green practices; and they assemble the De Young Properties’ homes by hand.

The team at 84 Lumber is a valued partner because they are true craftsman – the best at what they do. But even more than that, they have a value system that aligns with everything we stand for at De Young Properties:

Commitment to Quality

At the most fundamental level, the success of building a home starts with quality products for framing. They never use finger joints as this is a bad building procedure. 84 Lumber carries the best names in the business and can access and deliver almost any product we could ever want. We love that confidence – and so do our customers.

Commitment to Service

Other suppliers, removed from direct customer interaction, are quick to say, “No,” but at 84 Lumber, they have experts and resources always available to track down exactly what you need, when you need it. And they don’t just drop off lumber and leave for the next job. The professionals at 84 Lumber are true professionals, committed to the final project because their customers matter to them. It’s relationships with partners like this that make our work worthwhile – and help keep our customers devoted to De Young Properties.

Commitment to the Process

Much like De Young Properties, 84 Lumber has been helping customers build homes for generations. They understand the critical nature of the building cycle. And as a result, they work hard to ensure the right amount of quality materials arrive at the job site when they are needed. This sounds simple – but in our world – it is a feat of epic proportions that allows us to deliver finished homes, on time and on budget, to happy customers. We really love that.

Commitment to the Environment

All lumber used in the framing of De Young Properties homes is third-party tested to ensure it complies with the CALGreen code, which requires no more than 19% moisture content before being enclosed.  Our homes surpass this stringent requirement before any insulation, wall enclosures or floor covering is installed. De Young Properties makes sure to only buy lumber from companies that use green practices. Also, with arguably the best framers in the Valley, you can rest assured that each quality-crafted De Young home will meet and exceed your expectations!

2014 St. Jude Dream Home Construction UpdateCommitment to the Community

84 Lumber shares the same commitment to the community as De Young when it comes to contributing time, labor and resources to support an important cause. For multiple years, 84 Lumber has partnered with major donor and builder De Young Properties to build the Central Valley St. Jude Dream Home which benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Not only has 84 Lumber been a donor, they have been the largest donor on each of these homes – contributing 100% of the lumber on each home. That’s a lot of lumber! One hundred percent of the proceeds of the St. Jude Dream Home are donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which works around the clock to develop cures to save the lives of boys and girls suffering from cancer and other catastrophic childhood diseases, including children in the San Joaquin Valley. To say that we couldn’t do it without you, would be an understatement.  Thank you for your support.

To learn more about the quality products we receive from 84 Lumber or the process in which it is used, visit a De Young Welcome Center today or call 559-323-6004 today!

AUTHOR: Ryan De Young, De Young Properties

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