6 Reasons Why Dad Will Love a De Young Home!

Dads like functional homes. Homes that are cost-efficient and give them the space they need to work on projects when they aren’t at work. De Young Properties offers floorplans that will give your Dad these features and more. He’ll be able to do the activities he loves without having to leave home.
1. The Perfect Host

Does your dad like to throw backyard parties? Does he like having family and friends over to enjoy each other’s company and a BBQ dinner? De Young homes offer spacious backyards with large, covered patios. There’s enough room for the kids to play, and for the parents to sit and catch up on family and careers. For smaller get-togethers with the guys, De Young even offers a home with an open-air courtyard in the center of the home.


2. Dad Downtime

All of our dads work hard and deserve some peace and quiet and a De Young balcony is just the place. Dad will be able to wake up in the morning and sit on the balcony to listen to the birds sing, or to lean on the railing and watch the sun set. It’s these moments of peace that can help your dad reconnect with nature and have a break from the business of the world.

3. Tinkering, Tools and Toys

Everyone knows that dads love their tools and toys. There is always something in the garage that they are tinkering with! Select De Young floorplans provide a Super 3-car garage that includes a space for a workshop. There is even a customized 4-car garage which offers a place to park the boat. Not only would Dad be happy, but Mom would be happy that there is a designated spot for all of Dad’s “things”!


4. Tech-Savvy Daddy

Some dads just have to have their technology. There are dads that build computers, dads that have home theaters and dad with top-notch security systems. With De Young ControlSmart, your dad can add to his technology arsenal. He can program house lights, automatically lock doors and get real time notifications on his smartphone with ControlSmart. Not only that, but there are plenty of other De Young SmartHome personal selections to invest in, like smart thermostats, video doorbell, and a connected home security system. Your dad will be giddy from all of the high-tech features!

De Young ControlSmart features

5. Monsieur Chef

If your dad is passionate about cooking, give him the kitchen he deserves! All De Young homes come with a gourmet kitchen that your dad will love. You will find stainless steel, energy-efficient General Electric quality appliances, such as a 4 or 5-burner gas cooktop/range and a self-cleaning oven and microwave. You will also find a walk-in pantry for all of Dad’s cooking ingredients and a large island for Dad to prep the food. The openness of the De Young floorplans easily allows the chef to entertain while he cooks! It’s perfect!


6. The Man Cave

Even if he won’t admit it, every dad wants a man cave. He wants a place where he can go to relax, watch sports and play poker with his friends, or maybe he just wants a room where he decides on the décor. De Young Homes offer a Bonus Room/Loft selection that can make your dad’s dream come true. If it’s your idea to get the man cave, he may let you join him in there…food for thought!

No matter what your dad enjoys, De Young Properties has the perfect home for him. For Father’s Day, swing by a De Young Welcome Center so he can see all of the features a De Young home has to offer.

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