3 Helpful Tips To Winterize Your Home This Season!

Winter protection of your home is always important especially this time of year.  

Here are 3 great winterizing tips!

1. Protect Your PipesDe Young Residence 240 Tuscan

Exterior pipes need protection with an insulated cover to prevent broken or frozen pipes during the cold winter months.  Fractured frozen pipes is the number two cause of homeowner insurance claims.

2. Clean Up Gutters

Also, remember to clean out your rain gutters and downspouts. While you are cleaning rain gutters, it is also a great time to remove cobwebs from the exterior of your home.

3. Laundry Hose Update

The laundry hose should be replaced every three years to prevent breakage and flooding.  If you purchase a steel-reinforced hose, it will only cost about $15 more.

We hope these tips remind you to protect your home and prepare you for a FUN and safe holiday season!

AUTHOR: Paula De Young