10 Back-To-School Tips To Prepare For The New School Year!

Clovis Unified School District - De Young PropertiesIt’s that time of year that kids anxiously await and parents love – that’s right, it’s back to school season!

As summer draws to an end and we start shifting gears back into the grind of school, we thought it would be helpful to provide back-to-school tips to make this transition a little more enjoyable for everyone!

1. The Power of Positivity

Point out the positive aspects of starting school again like seeing old friends, meeting new ones and getting to attend some exciting school functions. Refresh positive memoriesfrom previous school years of fun events or first day feels. Maybe even consider throwing a little back to school bash the weekend before school starts with some of your kids’ friends. This gives everyone a chance to reconnect, kids and parents alike, and gets them excited to see each other every day!

2. Backpacks and Lunch Sacks

Choosing the right backpack is so important – you’ve got to find one that your child likes and has good support with padded shoulder straps and a padded back. It’s also very important to shop for the right school supplies, check to see if the teacher provides a list – that way you know your child has everything they’ll need for the school year in their backpack on day 1. Organize the backpack to use all of its compartments so that both you and your child know where things should be. Also, pick a designated spot in your house to keep their backpack and lunch box so you can check it at night and make them easy to grab in the morning.

3. Planning Your Travel To And From School

Think about the bus routes your child could take or ask neighbors and family friends about carpooling. Or if your child is going to be walking between home and school at all, walk it a few times with them just to familiarize the route and point out any people’s houses they might know along the way. This will be a great sense of assurance for both you and your child.

4. Appeal to the Meal

Talk to your kids and ask them what they might want for breakfastsClovis Unified School District - De Young Properties and lunches. Get them something you can compromise on that they’ll enjoy but is still a balanced meal – healthy and fun snacks can put them in a great mood. Also, be sure to wash their lunch boxes regularly to prevent germ buildup and pack hand wipes in their lunches in case they don’t get a chance to wash their hands before touching their food.

5. The Sleep Schedule

As you approach the first day of school, it’s time to step away from those late nights and have your kids go to sleep an hour earlier each night and wake up earlier until they’re back in that routine. You don’t want to be adjusting the sleep schedule once school starts because then everyone gets a little grumpy. Make sure they’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night to ensure full rest and a better attitude at school. Also, no technology right before bed – the lights in mobile phones, computers and TVs stimulate the brain and make it harder to fall asleep, so shut those off at least half an hour to an hour before bed each night.

6. Doctor, Doctor!

Try to schedule an appointment with your child’s doctor to ensure everything is okay health-wise and all shots are up to date. Most schools require certain immunizations before they allow children in rooms with each other so make sure to get that checked out beforehand to ensure the safety of your child and all of their classmates.

7. Homework Habits

Create a space before the first day of school that will provide your child the best atmosphere to complete their homework. If it’s a desk in their room, make sure there are not too many distractions. Good options might be a dining room or kitchen table in the middle of the house without laptop, tablet or TV distractions, and so you can monitor phone usage and be present to answer questions. If younger, make sure their homework in placed back into their backpack once completed each night!

Clovis Unified School District - De Young Properties8. Relieving New School Stresses

If your kids are going to be attending a new school, see if you can walk around campus with them beforehand so they can get a feel for where things are to lighten the pressure of the first day. Be it a new elementary school playground or a high school campus with 6-7 classes a day, walking on a new campus before the first day is a great way to relieve some first day anxiety.

9. Participation Station

Take a look at some activities the school offers beforehand and get an idea of some of the things your child might want to do i.e. sports, the school musical, chess club, tutoring, etc. Encourage something new, they might find something they really like. Get a feel for their schedule and prioritize activities before things become too busy.

10. Dress to Impress

Every kid wants some new clothes for the new school year – plan ahead, there’ll be lots of great deals to save money on new clothes. If you can, don’t wait till the last minute and look for those awesome back to school deals, be a smart shopper and you’ll have a happy wallet and a happy kid!

While getting back in the school grind comes with an array of emotions, we hope these tips help make that transition a little smoother.

With the first day quickly approaching, it’s time to get a jump start on those back-to-school preparations! We hope your children have a great school year ahead of them!

Author: Ashley De Young, De Young Properties