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VOTE NOW to make De Young Properties the "Best Builder" in The Central Valley!

VOTE NOW to make De Young Properties the "Best Builder" in The Central Valley!

They say, home is where the heart is. But what if your heart belongs somewhere grand - a place sculpted by award-winning craftsmanship, functional elegance, and unparalleled luxury? Well, that's exactly where De Young Properties steps in! We're thrilled to announce our nomination for the coveted "Best Builder" award at 2024 CV LUX Luxury Awards!

1. A Testament to Excellence

Each year, CVLux pays homage to the Central Valley's favorite businesses with its Luxury Awards. Responding fervently, nominations were cast in July 2023, and we've made it to the top five in our category - a testament to our commitment to deliver the epitome of quality and luxury. Now, the ballot awaits your valuable verdict.

2. Your Vote Can Make All the Difference Right Here

We believe that every vote fuels our journey towards unlocking this illustrious recognition. As the countdown begins, let's remember - voting wraps up on December 29th. It's not just about winning an award; it's about showcasing what De Young Properties stands for – exceptional craftsmanship, unrivaled luxury, and heart-warming satisfaction.

3. Rally for Us: Spread the Word

What's more potent than your own vote? The collective power of many votes! Hence, spread the word among family and friends. Encourage them to lend their support too. After all, together we can achieve greater heights!

4. Cast Your Vote Today: Time's Running Out

We're just a click away from victory. Click here to cast your vote now! Remember, YOUR VOTE MATTERS TO US GREATLY. It stands as a testament to our relentless pursuit of crafting homes that embody luxury and comfort.

Conclusion: Thanks for Being Our Pillar of Strength

Whether it's creating luxurious abodes or running for a prestigious title, it's your unwavering support that makes us De Young Properties. Thank you for your trust, continuous backing, and for standing with us in this exciting phase!
Here's hoping for the best. Together, let's grab this golden opportunity to show why De Young Properties is indeed the "Best Builder"!

1.What is the CV LUX Luxury Awards?
The CVLux Awards is an annual event honoring the Central Valley's favorite businesses.Click here to learn more!
2.How can I vote for De Young Properties in the CV LUX Luxury Awards?
You can vote only once per email at this link -
3.Until when can votes be cast for the Awards?
Voting ends on December 29th.