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Stress-Free Ideas for Hosting Thanksgiving In Your New Home

Stress-Free Ideas for Hosting Thanksgiving In Your New Home


It’s the holiday season! The weather is getting colder, the Halloween candy is almost gone, andturkey day is right around the corner. Depending on how recently you moved into your new house, tackling Thanksgiving dinner may be a tremendously gutsy thing to do. Even if it’s been a couple of months, you probably still have at least a few boxes left unpacked. But that’s just fine because we’ve got some ideas that will help your Thanksgiving dinner be a little less stressful.

Roll Your Housewarming Party into Thanksgiving

Even the happiest host is going to feel fatigued having people over when there are pictures to hang and rooms to paint, so make it easy on yourself. You’re already inviting people over, whether it’s your group of friends or family, so why not host a double-feature? Combine your Thanksgiving dinner with your housewarming party.

Who knows — you might even convince those friends or family members to help you unpack or set up a room or two. It’ll be a way for your guests to stave off the post-turkey nap, at least.

Give a Potluck Spin to Thanksgiving Dinner

Instead of spending the entire day (or several days, if we’re honest) preparing dishes, digging out roasting pans, and shopping for last-minute ingredients you couldn’t find in the post-move chaos, why not ask your guests to help?

Ask each guest to sign up for an item to bring on the big day. That way, you’ll only be responsible for one or two dishes and can focus your energy on getting your new home ready for your friends and family.

Serve Food You Can Eat on the Go!

Every single person who walks into your new house is going to want a tour. Like, right away, please. It’s going to be a blast showing off your new home to your loved ones, but make sure nobody’s feeling peckish while you’re taking on the role of a tour guide. Put out plenty of snacks and finger foods for guests to nibble on while you take them through the rooms of your new home.

Don’t Just Prep Dinner — Prep the Cleaning Station, Too

Thanksgiving dinner is a warm, cozy meal that makes you want to curl up and take a nap, not spend hours washing dishes. Save yourself the hassle by preparing for the Big Clean Up even before guests arrive. Make sure your dishwasher is empty and ready for business. Clean your pots and pans while you’re cooking, so there’s not a mountain of dishes to wash before you even eat. And finally, fill your sink with soapy water and encourage guests to pop their plates right in after dinner. You’ll be happy you put the time into this when you’re deep into the post-turkey haze.

Have Fun and Be Thankful!

Finally, Thanksgiving is about spending time with your family and friends. So enjoy it! Even if you’re eating off of paper plates, or you’re sitting on uncomfortable folding chairs between boxes, what’s important is the time you’re spending together. Enjoy your holiday!

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