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New Homes in Clovis California

New Homes in Clovis California

New Homes

Clovis, known as the gateway to the Sierras, is becoming a popular community for families to call home.It borders Fresno in San Joaquin Valley which is known for its abundance of agricultural land.It’s also a strikingly beautiful spot and brings people from all over the country to visit the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and Sequoia National Parks.It’s little wonder, with all its beautiful attributes, that new homes in Clovis, California are everywhere. When you’re looking for new homes in Clovis, it pays to do your homework, find out what’s available, and seek out the best companies to talk to.

New Homes Should Offer Virtual Tours

With so many new homes being built, it can be difficult to know what features you require, or whether you will choose a new home in Clovis or something yet to be built.The best way to find out what you like in a home is by takingvirtual tours.De Young Propertiesis one of the many businesses offering virtual tours for a range ofhomes. Understanding that not everyone has the time to visit every house they might potentially like, we put together virtual tours of our homes to show potential homebuyers what we can offer.

Virtual tours are popular for many reasons:

  • They show the inside of a new home in Clovis as it is from room to room.
  • They zoom in on features that cannot be viewed as easily in photos.
  • They allow you to ‘visit’ many homes without leaving the comfort of your own property.
  • They enable you to quickly decide what you do and don’t like.

Virtual tours also enable you to take action. When you’ve found that perfect property you can then contact De Young Properties to get the ball rolling.

Choose a Pre-Built Home

De Young Quick Move-In Homes

If you’ve fallen in love with Clovis and you want a new home there immediately, you don’t have to wait. Although we love providing our customers with the ‘build’ experience, we also have a range ofhomes in Clovisready for you to move into.
Our new homes in Clovis, California, cater to a range of people and all feature top-of-the-line features to enhance the buyer experience.

All of our De Young homes offer a gourmet kitchen, top quality appliances, professional front yard landscaping and so much more. We aim to create new homes in Clovis that allow you to move in and instantly reap the rewards. By opting for a new house in Clovis compared to building your own, your dreams are turned into reality in a fraction of the time.

Interact With Your Floorplan

When you’ve decided to build a new home in Clovis with De Young Properties, the next step is choosing a floorplan that best fits your family’s requirements.We offer interactive floorplans that allow you to change the features to fit your own needs.It’s important when you’re building a new home in Clovis that you get exactly what you want, regardless of the company you are dealing with.With ourinteractive floorplan, you can choose a base plan and flex the floorplan to fit your needs. For example, you can add a fireplace in your master suite, you can select a balcony to add to the second floor, or you could choose a style for the exterior elevation. There are so many options when you choose to build a new home in Clovis, California, so be sure to do your homework to find out what works best for your family.

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