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Meet Our Happy Home Story Contest Winners - Krista & Meghan!

Meet Our Happy Home Story Contest Winners - Krista & Meghan!

Congratulations to our Happy Homes Story Contest winners, Krista Kardashian and Meghan Ramiro! This year, we reached an incredible milestone at De Young Properties, building our 8,000th home! To show our appreciation for our wonderful homeowners who made this milestone possible, we created a contest for them to share their unique and meaningful De Young Happy Home stories. We were touched by Krista and Meghan’s heartwarming stories and thrilled to catch up with them and give them their well-deserved prize, an Echo Show 10!

We are honored to share their inspiring De Young Happy Home Stories with you now!

Krista Kardashian

For Krista, her family’s Residence 260 floorplan is the perfect home for their active lifestyle. Krista says, “My boys and I love our home. It has everything we need. We were given so many options, the sky was the limit. We have a huge yard, the boys have an enormous playroom, and I have a separate office. I got to select every standard and upgraded item that went in my house to suit my family’s needs. The customer service is spectacular and truly makes a difference. They really care about the homeowners. I can’t express how happy I am in my De Young home.” Krista continued, “I know the kind of home De Young builds and could have chosen any other builder but I chose them for numerous reasons. They really care and have quality homes.”

Meghan Ramiro

Meghan’s De Young Residence 210 is ideal for her adventurous family. Meghan said, “We moved into our De Young home just as the lockdown started in 2020 due to Covid. I remember it was my oldest son’s 3rd birthday that same weekend we moved in. Because of Covid and the lockdowns we weren’t able to celebrate with a birthday party and friends, but we were still able to make it special for him in our beautiful new home with all of his grandparents as well! He was so excited because he finally got to move into the “drum house” for his birthday. He and my other little boy called it the “drum house” because the model on Dakota and Leonard had a drum set in one of the bedrooms. The name just sort of stuck. It’s been so amazing watching them grow up in this home. It truly is a Happy Home!” Meghan explained, “This home is everything we wanted, and getting to watch our two little boys grow up in it, make friends with our neighbors, and make so many memories really is the best experience. We are so grateful for De Young!”

At De Young Properties, we feel a great sense of pride in having built 8,000 homes in the Central Valley. Each home we build holds special significance for us, and hearing our homeowners' stories serves as a reminder of why we do what we do! Congratulations again Krista and Meghan!

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