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Heart & Home Podcast, Episode #6 – How We Build Our Homes

Heart & Home Podcast, Episode #6 – How We Build Our Homes

Welcome to the Heart & Home Podcast – A new home buyer’s guide to buying, designing and financing your brand new dream home, from the family of thoughtful leaders behind De Young Properties. Our goal is to help simplify the home buying process so you can rest assured once you’ve listened to these episodes, you’ll be prepared to embark on the journey of finding your brand new dream home!

EPISODE #6 – How We Build Our Homes

In this episode, you’ll hear from host Ryan De Young, President of De Young Properties, as he speaks with Construction Manager, John Limpus, about how we build our homes! Building your dream home is an exciting journey, and at De Young Properties we’re here to guide you every step of the way! This episode explores how our team of experts work together to bring your vision to life, from the very beginning to the final touches that make your new home uniquely yours.

Any topics you’d like for us to discuss in the future? Let us know! We look forward to serving you & helping you find your DREAM home! 


Ryan De Young, President of De Young Properties

Special Guest:

John Limpus, Construction Manager

(Filmed Fall 2022)

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Want to see even more about our construction process? Watch the full video below!