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Celebrate Earth Day This Year by Helping to Restore Our Earth!

Celebrate Earth Day This Year by Helping to Restore Our Earth!

Celebrate Earth Day This Year by Helping to Restore Our Earth!

This year, the theme for Earth Day is “restore our Earth” which places emphasis on emerging green technologies to help restore the planet’s ecosystems. At De Young Properties, we take living green seriously. We have a long history of commitment to build homes that are environmentally-friendly and sustainable to benefit the homeowner and the environment in the long term. We believe that as a builder, it is our duty to create homes and communities that advocate green living. It is also our belief that what is good for the environment, is good for your family.

The De Young SmartHome includes Green Smart, our way to ensure an environmentally-friendly home with conscientious building practices and products. At De Young Trailside II at Loma Vista, Green Smart includes features that can help you and your family do your part to restore our earth, including drip irrigation to save up to 75% in water consumption for flowerbed irrigation versus typical sprinklers, Energy Star® Qualified Dishwashers, Kohler WaterSense Certified Plumbing Fixtures and many more products engineered to help reduce waste. There are only a few premium homesites remaining at Trailside II, so don’t miss your chance to live in this ideal Clovis community! Click here to schedule an appointment.
Want to do your part to help restore our Earth? It’s never too late to go green! Here are some of the ways you can help make an environmental impact this year for Earth Day.

Live Green Every Day!

  • Set a Schedule for your Thermostat: Setting a schedule for your programmable thermostat can help you save money by adjusting the amount of heating or cooling from your HVAC system based on based on your family’s schedules. For more information, click here.
  • Plant an Herb Garden: Herbs are easy to grow and hardy, which makes them perfect for gardening beginners! Herbs are also a great way to get kids involved in going green. Here’s some useful tips for starting your own herb garden.
  • Everyday lighting: With the use of energy-efficient LED light bulbs, you can light up your house with the same amount of light while saving money. These bulbs only cost a few more dollars and last longer, so you get better bang for your buck. New bulbs are an easy way to go green, while saving money at the same time. In fact, each De Young home includes high efficacy and high quality 100% LED lighting for energy savings.
  • Conserve water: Want to save money and help the environment? Water conservation is easier than most people think. Small, everyday things like taking shorter showers, washing clothes in cold water, using the fastest spin cycle, and turning the water off while you brush your teeth all contribute to water conservation.
  • Eliminate Useless Energy Waste: Even those most dedicated to green living at home waste energy via household items that are not in use. Tour the home and look for leaky faucets that need to be fixed, electronics and chargers that can be unplugged, and computers that need to be completely shut off. All of these adjustments will improve one’s green-living lifestyle.

De Young Properties believes that energy efficiency and sustainability is more important now than ever. Living greener takes practice, but even small adjustments can make a big difference on a global scale! 

If you’re searching for a new home, we’re here for you! To schedule an in-person appointment, virtual or video chat appointment or a self-guided tour, click here.