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5 Tips for Furnishing Your New De Young Home

5 Tips for Furnishing Your New De Young Home

5 Tips for Furnishing Your New De Young Home

With beautiful, open floorplans, spacious living spaces, and a long list of unmatched features, every De Young home is constructed with careful attention to detail and your vision in mind. But once you’re in this stunning new home, how are you going to fill this new space and truly make it your own?

De Young Residence 220 Floorplan - Discover Series

We know that furnishing your new home can be an overwhelming process. That’s why we’re offering our homebuyers a $1,500 Mor Furniture for Less gift card when you purchase a new home before February 19, 2018*! Here at De Young, we love you Mor and we are committed to providing you with a smooth, positive home buying experience every step of the way.

De Young Loves You “Mor” This Valentine’s Day!

So, what will you do with your new gift card from Mor? Here are our top five tips for furnishing your new De Young home.

1. Clean House (The old house, that is!)

You don’t need to completely start from scratch! While you’re packing up your old home or apartment, take a look at your current furniture and décor pieces and hold onto your favorites! They may even provide some inspiration for your new home. That old lamp may be the perfect finishing touch for a rustic living room feel, or your cream bedside table may complete the airy, neutral tone of your new master bedroom!

2017 St Jude Dream Home


2. Consider How You Want Your Home to Feel

Before you start buying furniture, think about the way you want your home to feel when you walk through the door. Do you envision a warm, cozy tone or a light, airy feel? Do you want to accent the home with rustic, farmhouse touches, or classy, elegant features? There are no wrong answers to these questions – simply choose what seems to fit you and your family the best. Deciding this ahead of time will help you find the right the pieces when you visit Mor Furniture’s incredible showroom.

2017 St Jude Dream Home


3. Prioritize your Purchases

Take it one room at a time and prioritize your most important items first. Consider starting with big items like a bed, dining table or sofa, and slowly add smaller pieces as you go. Your gift card isn’t going anywhere, and Mor Furniture is constantly updating their inventory with fresh, modern furniture!

4. Take Your Time

Don’t feel pressured to fill your home all at once. If you move too fast, you may end up compromising on certain pieces or spending more than you otherwise would have if you had slowed down. Take your time to find the pieces, and the prices, that you truly love! When you find that perfect love seat on sale, you’ll be glad you did! Mor Furniture For Less is a great place to start if you’re looking for quality furniture at a competitive price.

2017 St Jude Dream Home

5. Tie It All Together With Tones and Colors

Tie your rooms together with unified color palettes throughout the home! You’d be surprised what a big difference this can make in the overall feel your new home. If you’re not sure what colors to choose, ask yourself again how you want your home to feel. If you’re going for a warm, cozy feel, consider tying in deep browns or reds. If you want the home to feel open and airy, consider using creamy tones with pops of greens or blues throughout!

Now that you’re prepared, what are you waiting for? Visit the De Young Welcome Center on Armstrong south of Gettysburg in Clovis to take advantage of this limited time special! Your path to an incredible new home, and new furniture to go with it, starts just around the corner at the De Young Welcome Center.

*To be eligible for the Mor Furniture for Less gift card, valued at $1,500, reservation of a De Young home must occur February 5, 2018 through February 19, 2018 by 5pm. Special available on new sales only and cannot be combined with other offers. Gift card is not redeemable for cash and will be awarded at the close of escrow.


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