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3 Design & Technology Trends De Young Learned At The GE Monogram Experience!

3 Design & Technology Trends De Young Learned At The GE Monogram Experience!

As a design consultant for the De Young Design Studio, I had the opportunity to attend the GE’s Monogram Experience Center to learn more about the products and technologies we install in homes every day. I was able to learn about the latest and greatest GE proto-types and innovations in this VERY hands-on experience. Our De Young homes exclusively feature GE appliances so this incredible knowledge will benefit not only me and the De Young Properties team but also the homebuyers that I consult on a daily basis.

Here are a few of the highlights from the GE Monogram Experience Center and the latest from the De Young Design Studio: design inspiration, new technologies and kitchen trends.

1. Design Inspiration – When Function & Fashion Collide

Especially with today’s open concept floor plans, appliances aren’t something you can hide, even if you wanted to. At De Young Properties, we believe that, first and foremost, appliances need to do their job — but that they also can, and should, be beautiful! It is one of the primary reasons De Young Properties chose to exclusively offer GE appliances — a proven, reputable brand with cutting edge technology and innovative design that is quality crafted in America.

2. New Technology – Power Your Lifestyle

Technology isn’t found just in your phone, your home office or your media room, but your kitchen can benefit from today’s new technology, too. Once you taste a high-tech kitchen, there’s no going back:


  • Save Time The GE Monogram Advantium cooking system is four ovens in one – true European convection, microwave, warming oven and speedcook, all of this with a 16” turntable that can fit a 9×13 casserole dish. This innovation allows you to cook food four times faster than a conventional oven with no pre-heating. Weeknight cooking has never looked this good!
  • More Control – Imagine a refrigerator that you could convert into a freezer after a grand Costco run or a freezer that became an extension of your refrigerator before a big party. You don’t have to imagine any longer, because GE Monogram offers integrated refrigerators with convertible drawers and cabinet panel options, which allow certain spaces to be changed from refrigeration to freezer and back.
  • Less is (Literally) More Compact, creative designs that allow you to do multiple things with a single appliance, like GE’s Professional Range which features removable, dishwasher safe grates which can be turned upside down to create wok cooking. Or the Monogram Dishwasher, which includes a 3rd, separate rack for silverware to free up lower rack space and a unique bottle washer feature.

3. Kitchen Trends – New and Newer

Before you choose those finishes, consider what is now and coming next in kitchen design:

  • Slate is the New Black Stainless steel fatigue is a thing. And GE’s answer is a gorgeous, new Slate finish. This gray, matte finish is expected to be the next big thing in appliances and is available at the De Young Design Studio. Not only does this low-gloss metallic finish create an inviting, sophisticated feel, a subtle tone that compliments the other materials in your home, it is also resistant to fingerprints, smudges and dirt. Slate for the win!
  • Color, Color, Color Think bright retro colors (like lime and cherry red), now add this mid-century design style to the technology and innovation of today and the GE Artistry line is sure to be a big hit. Also, keep an eye out for a new sophisticated look from the Monogram Professional collection in early 2015. Fresh, modern, timeless and poised to be a centerpiece of the most popular room in the house!
  • That’s So Mod Mid-century design is not going anywhere. As such, GE is focusing on the development of modular kitchen styles that are completely customizable. The feel will be sleek and crisp; the finishes (white and glass) completely timeless; and the smart, dual-purpose design (think refrigerator drawer topped with a cutting board, or a sink with a removable cover for more counter space) that is completely modern.

The De Young Design Studio – At Your Service

At De Young Properties, we work hard to stay on top of the trends, and offer the latest and best new technologies. All of our homes are fitted with GE appliances and we currently offer the Monogram Professional Cooktop, which comes with four large burners, a griddle, and a commercial hood. We also offer the Glass Canopy chimney hood for a sleeker and modern style. In addition, we are also one of the first builders in the area to offer the newSlate finish, available through the De Young Design Studio.

The De Young Design Studio gives homebuyers access to professional Design Consultants that specialize in the art of combining colors and textures to achieve the home of your dreams.  With a focus on exceptional customer service, we are focused on helping homeowners create the look they’ve always dreamed of. With a complete selection of resources, decor accents and home amenities, as well as the advice of a Design Consultant such as myself, the De Young Design Studio gives homebuyers access to everything they need in one place. We will offer the homebuyer as much – or as little – assistance as you need personalizing your new De Young home. The result is a stress-free, new home that’s custom-tailored to both your life and your individual sense of style.

Why settle for a home designed by somebody else? With the De Young Design Studio, you can enjoy life in a home designed and personalized to fit your taste and California lifestyle.

Having the opportunity to see the tremendous thought and attention to detail that GE values in all of their appliances is a huge benefit to our homebuyers who are always curious of what sets GE apart from the competitors. All of the design features at GE complement each other and can allow homebuyers the opportunity to design their kitchen to fit their lifestyle. To learn more about my GE Monogram Experience, especially the trendsetting GE Slate Finish or the De Young Design Studio, visit a De Young Welcome Center today.

AUTHOR: Jamie Bishop Simmons, De Young Properties

{Image Source: Kitchen Clarity, Monogram Built in Oven, Monogram Dishwasher, Monogram BurnersMonogram Refrigerator,  GE Appliances}

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