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Helping You on Moving Day – Tips for a Smooth Transition Into Your New Home

Helping You on Moving Day – Tips for a Smooth Transition Into Your New Home

So you bought the house, now what? Moving into a new home can be quite the transition.

From remembering to turn on the utilities at your new place, filling out change-of-address forms or just packing in general, there is so much to get done and sometimes, in very little time! While moving is a big change, it doesn’t have to be traumatic.

8 Tips to Make Your Transition Smoother:

1. Declutter Before Moving

Be sure to declutter before you pack. If you don’t love it or need it already, there’s no sense in bringing it with you. Besides, that leaves more room in your moving truck!

2. Cut Down on Boxes

Cut down on boxes by making the most of all of your baskets, laundry bins, hampers and suitcases! Fill them with stuff. You can use the wheeled suitcases for heavy things, like books.

3. Make the Most Out of Garbage Bags

Fill heavy-duty, black garbage bags with soft items like pillows, stuffed animals, etc. Then, use the bags as space fillers and cushioning inside your moving van. Use double bags and tie them or tape them shut to keep items clean and protected.

4. Make Electronic Transitions Smoother

Take a photo of how your electronics are connected so you can remember how and where all the wires go once you’re settling into your new space.

5. Leave Dresser Drawers Filled

Use less boxes and save space by keeping your drawers as they are! No sense emptying them out and then refolding your items back into your dressers after the big move. You’ll have an easier time finding stuff when you’re settled in.

6. Make Labels Work for You

In addition to labeling what’s in your boxes, add what room they’ll be going into as well. This makes it easier for family and friends helping you move or professional movers to know where to place the boxes. Then when you arrive at your new home, unpack BY ROOM. The unpacking process will feel more manageable. Label the SIDES of the boxes, not the tops. This way, you’ll be able to identify them even if they’re stacked.

7. Keep Important Papers with You

“Important” papers might include birth certificates, school records, new job contacts, utility company numbers, recent bank records, current bills, phone lists, closing papers, realtor info, maps and more. Don’t leave these with the mover. Keep them with you!

8. Pack an Overnight Bag with The Essentials

Chances are you’ll be too tired to unpack your things once you arrive at your new home. Pace yourself, you can’t do it all in one day! So you’ll want your essentials easily accessible – a change of clothes, toiletries, bath towel, phone chargers and more!

Author, Paula De Young