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What is a Zero Energy Home?

A Zero Energy Home is designed with the potential to produce as much clean energy as it consumes in a year, which also zeroes its energy-related carbon impact on the environment.*

The De Young Zero Energy Home supports the California Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan that will eventually require all new homes in California to be Zero Energy.

Let’s take a look at our progress towards achieving an affordable Zero Energy home design.

In 2009, De Young unveiled EnergySmart, an advanced suite of sustainable, energy-efficient products and practices. Since then, EnergySmart features have been included in every De Young home, serving as the essential foundation in our pursuit of Zero Energy home design. Once energy consumption has been significantly reduced, adding solar is the final component in the design of a Zero Energy home.

So, in 2011, De Young took another major step towards Zero Energy by building the Central Valley’s first Zero Electric home; a home designed with the potential to produce as much clean electricity as it consumes in a year.

Here’s how the concept works… When the sun is shining, the home’s solar system will produce electricity for the home and send any excess back into the grid. The amount of excess sent back is based upon the homeowner’s energy use practices and how much solar production there is each day. Once the sun sets, the home will then draw electricity back from the grid to meet its needs. Over the course of a year, these homes are designed to give back as much electricity as they take from the grid, bringing the balance to zero.
In 2013, De Young expanded energy efficiency and solar even further to address all energy usage, both electricity and natural gas, to build the Central Valley’s first Zero Energy Home. Over the next four years, De Young refined its Zero Energy design, and, in 2017 built the Central Valley’s second Zero Energy Home.

Over the next four years, De Young refined its Zero Energy design, and, in 2017 built the Central Valley’s second Zero Energy Home. With this achievement, we were finally ready to expand Zero Energy to an entire community, completing the vision we set out to achieve nearly a decade ago.

What is a Zero Energy Community?

A Zero Energy community is a collection of homes, each designed with the potential to produce as much clean energy as it consume in a year.* De Young EnVision is not only Central California’s first Zero Energy Home Community, it is also the largest to be built in the entire state. EnVision will consist of 36 homes and will be located in the greater 3,300-acre Loma Vista master-planned community designed by the City of Clovis.


  • Maximizes energy bill savings
  • Improves indoor comfort & health
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Promotes energy indepence
  • Inspires others to do the same
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*Energy consumption calculations are based on US Department of Energy and industry accepted methodologies and software. Zero Energy is achieved when energy consumption and production are equal on a net-annual basis. Actual home performance, energy consumption and production, and energy savings will vary based on many factors. As a result, actual performance, consumption and production, and savings of any home or any of its features may be more or less than indicated. Homes will include electronic energy metering equipment to allow seller, affiliates and partners to gather data regarding homes performance. All personal information will be kept strictly confidential. Solar System with 20-year zero down lease included with each home; size dependent on varying factors. See sales associate or visit for details. Seller reserved the right to modify or change prices and features without prior notice or obligation. Cal. Contractor’s Lic. #824208.  Offered by De Young Realty, Inc., CA Bureau of Real Estate, Real Estate Broker License #01254160. ©2016-2017. All rights reserved.