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The Right Financing For You

Finance your new De Young Properties home through De Young Mortgage and take advantage of financing incentives.

Finding the perfect home is only part of building the American Dream. Financing it is the other. With 60 years of family experience, De Young Properties remains committed to providing affordable home ownership and is pleased to recommend its affiliate, De Young Mortgage, Inc.

Learn more about special financing programs, pre-qualifying and receiving a free credit score, how to purchase a home after a foreclosure or short sale, how much you can afford, and more! With over 25 years in the lending industry, these experts will use their expertise to help homebuyers choose the best program to suit their individual needs.

Everyone has a general idea of what price range they can afford. However, when they get together with their lender and communicate their financial portfolio, regardless of its size, most people are pleasantly surprised about just how much house they can actually afford.

Your lender will look at your income, savings, liquid assets and debt situation. With all this in mind he will look at different loan options. Most people think there are five different loan options, but there are actually hundreds of different loan packages. De Young Properties and your Lender will be able to assist you in finding the right one. So stop wondering if you’ll ever own that dream home because chances are you can start right now toward the purchase of your new home.

To better understand just how much house you can afford, use our online Mortgage Calculator to give you a quick picture of your home buying power or fill out the De Young Mortgage Application for a more in-depth breakdown.

De Young Mortgage Application

For any questions please feel free to call our Mortgage department at 559.439.9494

De Young Incentives

At De Young Properties, we realize that finding the perfect home is only part of building the American dream…financing it is the other. With over 60 years of family experience, De Young Properties remains committed to providing affordable home ownership.

Therefore, we are pleased to recommend the competitive lending advantage of our affiliate, De Young Mortgage. De Young Mortgage offers the smartest programs and one-stop financing to make the home-buying process simple and satisfying.

Please review the financing incentives available to our buyers. We’ll be glad to answer any specific questions you may have. Financing incentives are subject to availability.

The following are financing incentives available only for those buyers financing through De Young Mortgage, Inc:

Closing Costs
Lender paid MI available
Local lending
Down Payment Assistance Programs
Flexible Credit requirements

Seller will provide Buyer with an incentive package that can be allocated to some or all of the above. De Young Mortgage, Inc. representatives will assist Buyer with the determination of the most beneficial allocation. Any remaining amount not allocated to Closing Costs may be allocated to Points or Interest Rate Buydown.

Referral Program Steps

If you know a friend who is considering buying a home, it’s easy to earn up to $1,000 by referring them to De Young Properties!

Simply visit a De Young Welcome Center with the friend you are referring, let the Sales Associate know that you are there as a referrer, and complete the provided Referral Card.

As soon as your friend closes escrow on a De Young home, we’ll send you a check for $1,000 if you currently own a home built by De Young Properties (or Brentwood Homes), or $500 if you don’t… It’s that easy!

For complete Referral Program guidelines please download the Referral Card by clicking the link below.  If you have any questions about the Referral Program, please contact our De Young Welcome Center at (559) 434-2000.